Susan Graham for School Board

Central School District 13J, Position 7

Election Day is May 16, 2023 - Special District Election

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about my campaign to retain my seat on the Central School District 13J School Board in Position 7. 

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve my community in this important role. Our District has so many wonderful things about it, and it’s an honor to have been a part of the growth and development of our students and educators over this past school year. I look forward to another term as the School Board member representing Zone 7 and hope I can count on your vote. 

Together, we can make our schools and the education experience for all of our students better and better!

My experience and qualifications:

My complete professional resume is available on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your vote.

Below are a few key points, outlining my approach to public education

Support the whole child approach to the education and development of all students

The most important measure of CSD13J success is how we support equity for all students and invest in their long-term success in education, in future careers and in life.

Support access to educational facilities that are safe and support learning

Appropriate facilities for learning means that our students can learn without being distracted by excessive heat or cold. It means the right technology is available to both students and teachers. It means the outdoor areas don't become completely unusable during bad weather. It means the entire CSD13J school population is safe from unauthorized individuals gaining access and that young students don't have the ability to wander off. See the Long Range Facilities Plan for many more details. 

Provide educators with training, support, and quality educational materials

In order to improve academic performance, effective materials and teaching methods must be in use. We must continue to support our teachers with coaching and professional development so they will have the best tools available to help students achieve their goals. 

Promote transparency and clear communication between the District and all stakeholders

Clear and timely communication between the District, students' families, the community, and all stakeholders is critical. In addition, the methods we use to communicate information should be regularly examined for effectiveness. 


Please contact me if you have a question or to get more information:


Phone: 619-757-4530